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Updated: December 21, 2021 — With 143 methods listed, this is the most complete list of strategic prioritization frameworks on the internet with tons of linked resources for your inspiration.

Many of these resources were shared by normal product people on the Medium platform. In my journey breaking into PM, a Medium subscription was the best $5 I ever spent (and I spent $4,000 at Product School).


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I asked a question on Twitter recently after wrapping up a workday as a product manager. I felt honored to have so many talented pros sharing their thoughts. Folks responded with some fantastic nuggets that I wanted to share with you.


How do you cope with constantly feeling like you didn’t get enough done in the day?

I noticed a few themes. The most prominent point being Prioritization. Next, allowing ourselves to see the progress made during the day. Delegate when possible. …

It's Ok to be a little selfish sometimes. I just got my first product manager job. LinkedIn has helped and it's been a big piece of how I learn about product management. So there I was, drowning in a sea of ads and sensational nonsense. How do I get any use out of this feed?

Purge connections

This is the first step I took when I got serious about self-studying in product management and working on my personal brand. Back when I was first activating my LinkedIn account, I quickly requested connections with anyone and everyone. Years later, these “connections” mean nothing to me. My connection to…

Trino (formerly Presto) is missing a commonly used function available in Excel, Hive, Oracle, PLSQL, Db2, python,… here is a fairly easy and efficient way to DIY your way around it.

How to capitalize the first letter of each word in presto. This is an image of an old typewriter.

I desperately needed this but I couldn’t find anything shared out there specific to Trino (Presto is now Trino). I found this to be a fairly straightforward workaround that can work for any string with any number of words. Let’s take a lower case name as an example…

Was this…

A hypothesis is not just busywork. Use this four-part framework if you really want to learn from experiments.

A scientist in a laboratory wearing a white lab coat studies a specimen.

Bad hypotheses are everywhere.

I’ve seen some really bad “hypotheses.” Sometimes they might be written as a simple if-then statement: “If we make the button blue, then the click-through rate will increase.” Sound familiar?

Then there are times when someone thinks a competitor observation is a hypothesis: “Blue Button Group, Inc. …

Find a new idea — guaranteed. Most importantly, get inspiration for your next product planning session. Here’s a dump of group exercises to help spark discussions and align teams, partners, and stakeholders when there’s no shortage of ideas.


I have reviewed more than 100 techniques for prioritization. I wanted to share some that stood out for group collaboration potential.

Was this helpful? Medium rocks. A Medium subscription was the best $5 I ever spent. Join here and I will get a little kickback :)

Voting ideas

Dot Voting / Cumulative Voting (CV)

Teams can do this…

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