29 Podcasts I Enjoy as a Product Manager

Jordan Lamborn
5 min readMar 11, 2022

These are the actual podcasts I currently subscribe to on Google Podcasts. Hey new PMs or whomever, I hope these are helpful and easy to dive into!


Although I gave up commuting a while ago, I listen to a lot of content on the weekends. A good weekend for me is a weekend where I can work outside and listen to interesting product interviews and discussions. I’ve listed out all of the shows I have in my feed.

Below, you’ll see two sections:

  1. Product Management Podcasts
  2. Other Business & Tech Podcasts

Product Management Podcasts

One Knight in Product

As the king of introductions, Sir Jason Knight hosts the one product management podcast you must experience. There are a lot of great interviews here from a diverse range of leaders. That’s it. You have to.

Google, Apple, Spotify, Website

Global Product Management Talk

This is a high-quality product podcast with a long history. Don’t stop with the recent episodes. Go back to find great content across many topics relevant for product managers or even aspiring PMs.

Google, Apple, iHeart

The Product Podcast



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